Brenda's Busy Little Bees

Desborough Childminder

Typical Day 

Each week we plan activities and experiences for the children with their input, following a theme and their stage of development using observations made of their individual progress and interests. For the under 5's I also use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework to track their progress and plan for their 'next steps'. 

Each child has a profile documenting their progress, examples of work, photographs, their own ideas and suggestions which is shared on a regular basis with parents and carers from other settings.  

This timetable is a guideline of a typical day - if there is such a thing!

7.00am – 8.00am          children arrive, those wishing to have breakfast have a choice of cereal, toast, fruit, juice, milk or water

8.00am – 8.30am          children continue to arrive, breakfast has now finished. All children need to have arrived by now or arrive after 9am due to      

                                      school run

8.30am – 9.00am          children ready to go to school. Walking unless going to school Rothwell Schools. Drop children off at their playgrounds, or   

                                      into class depending on year group. Also drop any children off at Nursery

9-00am – 11.30am       back home, start main morning focus activity, wait for any late arrivals, sometime during the morning, weather dependant 

                                     outside time – more than walking to school

                                     snack around 10am 

                                     collect any children from nursery

11.30pm – 12.00pm     tidy up time, prepare for lunch, bathroom time

12.00pm – 12.30pm     lunch time. We have a pick and mix style lunch with breads, cold meats, salad, fruit and the occasional treat where children 

                                     can help themselves. Warm food is served in the colder weather

12.30pm – 1.00pm       bathroom time

                                     quiet time, television, stories, chill out, sleep

1pm change over time for ½ day children

1.15pm – 3.00pm         start main focus activity for the afternoon, different from the morning if children all day or continuation if long project, some 

                                     outside time if weather permitting

3.00pm                         get ready for collection from school

3.40pm                         back from school, quiet time, free play, television and chill out time for school aged children. Outside play weather permitting   

                                     homework for those who have it, internet and reference books available for research

                                     prepare main meal for all children

5pm – 6pm                  serve main meal for all staying

                                    bathroom time

                                    getting ready to go home

                                    wind down time

                                    talking to parents

Circumstances and Situations that may change routine:

- weather

- arrival and collection times of children

- children/ families individual routines

- school runs

- groups to attend

- events at local attractions

- festivals and celebrations, birthdays

- mood, tried, unwell children

- meals requests of families

- school holidays

- new children

- visitors

- children's requests

- children attending, combination of children attending 

During the week we shall have outings to the local library, local market, local park, country parks, and any other local events that will be suitable such as Beach in the Town, Christmas Tree Festival, Scarecrow festival, etc.

Days out and trips further afield will be possible during the school holidays, with no school runs to be back for.